Expert interview is a conversation on the topic of the research with a certain market's specialist. These specialists are respondents with a certain high status (holding a managing position) and competence in the studied sphere. The interview is held according to a set list of questions and allows receiving the expert's opinion on the circle of topics.

Experts are specialists who know the specific side of the studied phenomenon. In most cases, expert interviews are conducted by the company managers or heads of large departments, representatives of executive and legislative power of regions, scholars, university and R&D organizations' employees, members of private, expert, or consultation structures, members of expert councils, etc.

The interviewer has to possess sufficient competence in the studied issue and know the terms used by professionals during discussion of the issues on the topic of the research.

The object of the method of marketing research could be evaluation of the market's state on the whole and evaluation of various parameters of the market, the state of certain spheres, existing rules, traditions, schemes, etc.