Naming is a specific process of development of a name or brand of the company, which can (upon the agreement) lead to the registration of a trademark.

In the conditions of a highly competitive environment, the consumer spends several seconds for selecting the product from dozens of similar products.

How is the selection done?

It is possible to suppose that it ranks the usefulness or analyzes and determines the subjective usefulness of various products, thus selecting the optimal variant. But this supposition is not correct in the modern conditions. A consumer does not have all the volume of the information necessary for the rationally substantiated choice. Also, the products are very similar, and he does not have the time (several hours) for ranking – the assortment is too large.

It is possible to attract a consumer in a matter of a couple of seconds – but only three things can form the initially positive reception of the product and the company: 1 st second – bright and memorable packaging; 2 nd second – interesting name; 3 rd second – slogan and call.