Transformation of the Russian society by the principles of market relations led to the emergence of new types of activity. In particular, reorientation of production to a consumer led to the necessity for detailed study of his needs and preferences and their correction for the purpose of promotion of goods in the market.

As a feedback to these needs, the branding direction of activity began to form at the Russian companies in the structure of functions of commercial services. Besides, due to the competitive situation in the Russian market of mass consumption, the Russian companies pay more attention to creation and development of own strong brands.

Experience of the foreign countries shows that possession of not just a product but a brand product provides the company with a range of advantages – additional profit, scale effect, and reduction of risks. The presence of a brand in the modern consumer market is a condition for successful work in a specific market.

Survival in the market requires branding; also, it is necessary to know how the company or guest specialists can evaluate its non-material assets, including the cost of the company brand.