You cannot evaluate the market's perspectives and the potential level of sales, or predict the behavior of rivals and partners? You don't have necessary information on the demand for goods and services? You need to make a decision that determined the company's survival in the market?

The need for forecasting in the modern business comes from the necessity for decision making in the conditions of uncertainty, as doing business supposes investing money today receiving profits in the future. Accordingly, decision making should take into account a lot of factors that influence the company, as well as the rivals and the consumers; also, one should consider the external environment too.

Precision of the use of the existing information and the forecasting methods. We use the international and unique methodologies that are adapted to the Russian market and guarantee the best result.

We offer the following services:

  • forecasting the sales volumes;
  • forecasting the evaluation of demand for new goods/services;
  • forecasting the product's life cycle;
  • forecasting the pricing movements;
  • forecasting the distribution of market shares between the rivals;
  • forecasting the changes of external environment;
  • forecasting the development of the targeted market;
  • forecasting evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing events.

This service will be useful for managers and employees of companies and for scholars who are limited in time; it will ensure the result for those who want to have full information on dynamics, structure, and possibilities of the market.