Scientific communication is a totality of forms of professional communication in the scientific society and of information transfer from one component to another. Presence of communication as a form of intense information exchange between members of the scientific society was always recognized as a significant feature of scientific activity .

As is known, innovational projects and programs of scholars play an important role in the state scientific and technical policy and are very important for development of many spheres of science and technology. Very often, scholars face the problem of realization of their own innovational projects due to various reasons .

One of the main tasks of the institute of scientific communications is development and realization of complexes of measures for integration of scholars and the results of their research into the scientific environment, as well as support for evaluation of the works and recognition by the global scientific society .

Due to our perfect methodologies of coaching and innovational approach to promoting the result of scientific activity, we help to build scientific career and realize the potential of the research to the maximum.



Advanced training – “ Express MBA ” , “Financial management in TNC” , “Practical Internet trading” , “Practice of budgeting on the basis of well-balanced system of indicators (BSC) ” , etc .

Seminars – “Successful commercial Internet project”, “Distribution management and marketing in sales channels”, “Trade marketing and BTL ” , “Applied aspects of strategic planning in marketing”, “Modern marketing architecture”, etc .

Briefings in the sphere of anti-money laundering .

Trainings on cold calls and active sales .

Master classes on peer-reviewed international journals and data bases .

Project “Financial literacy”. Series of scientific works on the theory of risk management .


Creation of risk calculator for small enterprises .

Successful application of the methodology of increase of effectiveness of personnel motivation on the basis of energy saving at large enterprises .

Development of the online game “Successful buyer” .


Development of the investment passport of Volgograd .

Development of the mechanism of strategic planning of territory's investment development .

SWOT- analysis of the city of Kamyshin: pros and cons .

Realization of the youth grant of VolSTU “Development of innovational strategies of territorial development in the regions of the RF” .

Works on management of the Volgograd's image .

Development of the marketing strategy of cluster development of Volgograd Oblast .

Development of the industrial policy of Volgograd Oblast until 2025.

Evaluation of investment attractiveness of Volgograd .

Realization of industrial policy through cluster approach to territorial development of Volgograd Oblast .


Series of scientific works on “underdevelopmen t whirlpools” .

Series of scientific studies of economic growth in regions of the RF .

Series of scientific works on the topic of sectorial clustering .

Development of the system of indexation of marketing mobility of business .


  • Private

  • Municipal

  • Study

  • Science

  • Useful information

Expert interviews
Discussion of a new product with the specialist of a certain market

Market analysis
Determining the sphere's state

Development of business marketing strategy
From the direction of production diversification to the program of realization of marketing companies

Analysis of behavior

Communication consulting
Determining targeted audiences and forming the strategy of communication activity

Development of company's visual concept

Mystery shopping
Inspecting the quality of work of company's various departments

Trade mark registration

Marketing consulting
Formulating the strategies, developing the marketing function, and training personnel

Analysis and development of the system of personnel motivation
Implementation of material and non-material components

Business forecastin  
Evaluation of market's perspectives

Benchmarking of retail trade
Constant tracking of competitive advantages in the market

Marketing study of supermarket
Methods of information collection, adapted to specifics of their activity

Creation and development of brands of mass consumption products
Or full reorientation at mass consumer


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