9th - ISC conference – Vladimir

From the moment of appearance and distribution of digital technologies, humanity entered the age of digital economy. Influence of these technologies on socio-economic phenomena and processes in the modern economic systems was so strong that it led to transformation of the basic model of organization and development of these systems. However, the future of digital economy is not certain. Continuing to stimulate optimization of economic activities, it may be a source of global well-being in case of its adoption and successful practical implementation by all countries of the world.

Another scenario of development of digital economy envisages determining its substantial drawbacks, related, for example, to increase of social differentiation due to humanity's preferring digital interaction to live communication, growth of economy's susceptibility to technical risks – failures in the work of digital devices and actions of cyber criminals, etc. Digital economy is at the very beginning of its establishment, so it is important to determine and compare potential profits from its development and its possible drawbacks, in order to avoid its turning into a source of new global crises of the global economic system.

This is the purpose of this conference, which is oriented at studying the nature and potential consequences of establishment of digital economy for the modern global society.

Within the conference, the following sections will be organized:

1. Digital economy as a philosophical concept and social institute.

2. Digital human: philosophical setting, economic manifestations, and psychological consequences.

3. Digital economy: source of global well-being or threat to the modern humanity.

4. Digital economy: essence, logic, and perspectives.

5. Digital economy as a challenge for modern science and society.

6. Scientific reconsideration of new reality in the context of digital economy's formation.


April 2019 – conference

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