13th - ISC conference – Volgograd

Appearance of artificial intelligences leads to complex and significant consequences for the modern world. Unprecedented novelty of artificial intelligence leads to a range of problems with its harmonious entering the everyday and business life of humanity. One of the problems could be determining the social role of artificial intellect and its bearers – technical means. The question is whether they should be equaled with human, assigned with technical status, or assigned with certain medium position.

Another problem is determining the place of artificial intelligence in the system of production factors during organization of economic activities. Will artificial intelligence become a new type of technological resources as a part of main assets or a unique non-material asset of company? Another potential problem is the necessity for determining the legal status of artificial intellect. In particular, who will have the rights for its usage – creator, owner, or user? What rights – exclusive or non-exclusive?

The purpose of the conference is to form a multi-disciplinary approach to studying artificial intelligence, based on comparison of its anthropogenic and social nature.

The conference will have the following sections:

  1. Philosophy of artificial intelligence as a special form of accumulation and creation of new knowledge and information;
  2. Artificial intelligence as a socio-economic and legal phenomenon of modern times;
  3. Artificial intelligence: anthropogenic breakthrough or social crisis;
  4. War between natural and artificial intelligence in the conditions of new scientific and technical revolution;
  5. Artificial intelligence: essence, peculiarities, and comparison to human intellect;
  6. Unique capabilities of human intellect vs. high efficiency of its artificial analog;
  7. Managing artificial intelligence as an interdisciplinary problem of modern times.


March 19-20, 2020 – conference

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