11th - ISC conference – Volgograd

Perspective of creation of artificial intelligence puts into doubt the uniqueness and higher value of human brain. Artificial intelligence allows for instantaneous accumulation and processing of gigantic data arrays. The capability to quickly offer and make complex decisions of any character and ideal rationality of artificial intelligence are opposed to deliberation and narrow direction of human thinking and related “human factor”, which is a reason for a lot of erroneous and non-optimal decisions.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence does not have feelings or emotions, it is straightforward and predictable, while human is capable for non-standard and creative thinking and his decisions, which might seem erroneous at the beginning, often lead to unexpected results, which cannot be achieved by artificial intelligence. Due to this, limitation of tasks of artificial and human intelligence is expedient. 

Within this conference, artificial intelligence is viewed as a wider notion – “clever technologies”, which includes not only the possibility of creation of artificial intelligence but also perspectives of its practical application.

Within the conference, the following sections will be organized:

1. Scientific concept “clever technologies”: the essence, peculiarities and perspectives.

2. Comparing the needs and existing possibilities of the infrastructural provision of “clever technologies”.

3. The institutional basis of implementation and mass distribution of “clever technologies” in modern developed and developing countries.

4. Development of “clever technologies” from the positions of various interested parties: state, society, and business.

5. Modeling the micro-, meso-, and macro-level economic systems, controlled on the basis of “clever technologies”.

6. Perspectives and recommendations for increasing the living standards in the modern society with the help of “clever technologies”.


October 2019 – conference

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