10th - ISC conference – Nizhniy Novgorod

The 21 st century opened a road into the new millennium and featured deep transformation processes almost in all spheres of activities of socio-economic systems. The most important task of modern science is studying and explaining these processes, forecasting the tendencies of their development in future, and developing methodological and practical recommendations for successful and highly-effective management in the interests of humanity.

The tendency for digitization is manifested in all components of the noosphere. Under the influence of widely used digital technologies, modern human is subject to serious transformations: the type of his thinking and algorithm of actions in various situations changes, new ideology is formed, etc. This leads to emergence of a digital human as the main participant of digital society and digital economy. At the same time, innovational development of economic systems takes place, which leads to new scientific and technical revolution, as a result of which appearance of intellectual technologies is expected. 

Within this conference, the above tendencies will be studied and complex characteristics of the 21 st century through the prism of the processes of intellectualization, digitization, and innovational development of socio-economic systems will be compiled.

Within the conference, the following sections will be organized:

1. Philosophical settings of socio-economic development in the 21st century.

2. Digital society as a basis of development of economy in the 21 st century.

3. Technological revolution in the 21 st century: factors, conditions, and perspectives.

4. Artificial intelligence: reality of the 21 st century.

5. The role and value of intellectual resources in the 21st century and the scientific and educational platform for their preparation and development.

6. The prime of innovational economy in the 21 st century: expectations and reality.


May 2019 – conference

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